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#45: Propositions
Author: Auto-Alchemechanicist
Pairing/Fandom: FrUK/Hetalia
Hima-papa owns Hetalia.
Challenge: Smut_69 http://smut-69.livejournal.com/400818.html
A/N: This was probably my first smut fic. I think I did alright considering all the gay.
Things to know: Sadly, this does not take place in the Nurse Arthur AU that I love with all my heart, but it is canonverse, so it is still chill. Basically, it’s England and France being angry with one another (when aren’t they?) and they get a little carried away. So enjoy. :3

England struggled with keeping his breath steady.Collapse )
#68: Feminine
Author: Auto-Alchemechanicist
Pairing/Fandom: EngHun…HunEng/Hetalia
Hima-papa owns Hetalia.
Challenge: Smut_69 http://smut-69.livejournal.com/400818.html
A/N: *screams* I just really have a huge-ass attachment to Arthur having boobies and that rp with Tul, okay?! So it’s for her and Bicci, who did me the favor of revising it for me. <3 I really like EngHun, and I also think they make a really great brotp. But unngghhhh, this just called for me to write it, holy!
Things to know: So, I want to say this takes place in the same Nurse Arthur AU, but there is no interference of this event in the timeline whatsoever. A general detail that should be known throughout this entire AU (which is the main reason for its conception): Arthur Kirkland has breasts and a vagina. He is a hermaphrodite. And he is fucking irresistible as such. Enjoy!

She couldn't restrain herself...Collapse )
#58: Strangers
Author: Auto-Alchemechanicist
Pairing/Fandom: PruHun, a little bit of SpaBel/Hetalia
Hima-papa owns Hetalia.
Challenge: Smut_69 http://smut-69.livejournal.com/400818.html
A/N: Another spin-off fic that came about because of that really fun rp with Tul. This is to her because her Prussia is the bomb and I personally believe she is Gil in disguise and doesn’t want to tell me. Can I please marry him. ( / w \ ).
Things to know: So, it takes place in the same Nurse Iggy universe. Gilbert, Francis and Antonio are best friends who met in med school. I’m not really sure of their ages (I don’t really think it’s relevant but whatever??), but this takes place when Francis and Arthur are starting to hit it off and Gilbert is just a little shit and teases them about it. (Francis is not aware that Gilbert and Arthur are twins, so he doesn’t get why he teases Arthur a lot at first). Anyways, this is kind of how I think Gilbert and Elizabeta meet. ouo We have some PruHun on the side *fans face* and it’s growing on me again, so here’s a thing. owo

He shouldn't have been surprised...Collapse )

[FrUK] What We Used to Be 3/?

A/N: I feel bad for not being able to update yesterday. Q n Q But I woke up and had a really nice idea, so I made up for it with something kinda insightful, and hopefully, kinda lengthy. Q U Q

[Part 2]

Arthur awoke with a sigh.Collapse )

[FrUK] What We Used to Be 2/?

A/N: I had a really nice thinking train going this morning, and I got a chance to jot it down! *throws confetti*

Heads up: I am involving my headcanons throughout the story, and I will explain some that appear in this piece at the end of the entry.

[Part 1]

What is life?Collapse )

[FrUK] What We Used to Be 1/?

A/N: Okay, so because of this strip, I got an idea to write. And because my friend, Bicci, and I were talking about the idea on Skype, I dedicate it to her. ouo

This will be in pieces because I found that I cannot afford to write full, long chapter fics with school on my neck. But I want to be able to come through with this idea. So if I can, I will either add on to this entry, or open a new one and continue from there. Bicci has every right to slap me if I slack off.

Warning: May contain smut/sexual content in some parts. Maybe not here, but later on...
france walked into the roomCollapse )
#54: Self-Love
Author: Auto-Alchemechanicist
Pairing/Fandom: FrUK/Hetalia
Hima-papa owns Hetalia.
Challenge: Smut_69 http://smut-69.livejournal.com/400818.html
Rated: M *throws confetti*
A/N: Okay, so this is a little side story I’m doing based off an rp I got going on with my friend, Tul (which is so much fun, alskfjslkfa).This is to her, so here you go, doll. ( / w \ )
Things to know: Francis is a OB/GYN while Arthur is a nurse and both of them work at the same hospital. They recently started going out (probably 3-4 weeks into the relationship), but this is before their One Month dinner happens. I explained things in the story, though, so there shouldn't really be a problem with confusions, but if there is, go ahead and ask. *O*
So, he knew...Collapse )

HetaChallenge Prompt Table

I want to take a whack at it, seeing as I'm a fan of Hetalia now and my imagination can't resist temptation. Here is the Life Table for the HetaChallenge community! I shall post my fics in here and in fanfiction.net!

Started: 11/22/12
Ended: Hopefully, in December, early January 2013

Status: 2/20

11.Home12.Birthday13.First Love14.Aging15.Argument

I am open to requests, if anyone would like a dedication!


For Bianca <3 …

Title: Panificio
Characters: Italy, Germany, Japan, Prussia
Challenge: 17: Hunger
Bonus Words: Attention, Happiness
Rating: K+
Summary: AU. Feliciano is the owner of a baker and has recently hired Ludwig.

A/N: This was supposed to be for last month's challenge, but I didn't get to post it because of a few factors. It was supposed to be 6 little parts (each indicated with a ~), but i ended up with a long-ish fic. It's my very first GerIta fic, so I went soft on them. ^-^ Unlike FrUK, where I can let loose and smut out. This was a request from one of my best friends, who just looooves GerIta, so I wanted to make it as special as possible.I hope you all enjoy! Made with love!

Ludwig walked out of the kitchen...Collapse )

Title: Still Too Innocent
Author: miss_auto1621
Claim: America and England
Character(s): America, Britain, mentions of France
Table/Prompt: Life/1: Conception
Word Count: 2,258
Rating: T because of language. I love language.
Summary: “Hey, Britain, where do babies come from?”

The boy ran for shelter...Collapse )

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