The Mad Scientist has arrived

If I had a petal for
Every rose I tore
I’d be able to form
Thousands of rose fields galore

~Something for me by Auto

I'm 18 and free!!!

Hm, I've been around for quite a while now, but I'm still getting used to LJ, so if I mess up, bear with me. 18, University Freshman, author, artist, designer, director, love bucket, fluff bucket, Hetalian. I spend my time in Fanfiction.net, but I come here to post some of my stories, and join communities for the fun challenges. My obsession has made me do some crazy things, like write essays about FMA, and go so far as to style my hair like Ed, buy FMA and Hetalia plushis, and even design a cosplay suit for an upcoming con. However, I'm not a maniac. I'm just insane. And that's fine with me.

My full bio is in ff.net, so yeah. If you wish to know more about mua, read that. :D And I have like 1000 fics there, so yeah. A lot more than on here, i can tell you that. But I still post my shiz here.

I also ask for one thing: Hetalia Logic - Don't QUESTION it. Please. I'm begging all of you to do so.

So enjoy my journal. :D


P.S. The picture and quote I use to make my banners for my 101_kisses challenge fics are not mine. I do not own them, and I don't know who the artist is. I just edited the picture and added some stuff to each banner to make it fit my fics. :D No copyright infringement was intended!

Have You Taken the Oath?


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